Monday, March 29, 2010

Long time no blog

well its been a while. Where have I been I hear you ask? Well we moved, something we had been contemplating for literally years. Late last year on the spur of the moment I sent of a letter expressing interest in a job in the area we were interested in moving to and what do you know I got a job WOW. So it was all very rushed, finding a house which nearly didn't happen in time to start work, find a new school etc etc etc.

There have been a few hurdles along the way with some dramas renting out our house but fingers crossed it all seems to be fine now.

All I can say is it just feels right, why did we wait so long!!!!!!!

The pics above are the view from my bedroom window - gorgeous isn't it, we also now have expanded our chicken family, don't ask me how many, I've lost count, Lets just say Darren has developed something of an obsession LOL. I post some pics in the coming days.
I will do my best to renew my blog love and post again more regularly, the downside to my new 9-5 job is that there just seems not enough hours in the day for all my hobbies, needless to say there has been very little craft happening but I hope to rectify that soon :)
Cheers :)