Saturday, September 4, 2010

and we're back

well it seems I have had nothing to say lately, life has been moving along as it does with no major changes. Been doing a little soul searching and I think I have come out better for it with a better idea of where our family is headed

Speaking of family - well ours is about to get bigger again, yes baby number 6 (and last) is on its way. I am 12 weeks along and already huge. I am very much looking forward to getting a look at this little bellyfruit on Monday
Look at these bathing beauties aren't they gorgeous, although I may be a little biased. Macallum has finally worked out what the camera is for and now performing happily when one appears. And even more surprising is that Hudson seems to finally be happy to have his photo taken too, and doesn't he take a nice pic too!!

For some reason the older 2 didn't seem so keen to have their pictures taken in the bath - hmm, I think they are growing up

September is nappy hunt time , much time is spent searching for that elusive icon, and shopping too, although I can honestly say I have participated in 6 nappy hunts now and never bought anything - maybe this time will be different. There are some awesome sites to discover, not all nappy related, so its fun for everyone.