Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bull the dog

I have avoided writing this post, I think because I was in denial, well the time has come to accept it :(
My gorgeous, loving, beautiful natured, loyal dog is gone. Darren and I got him when we first moved in together, embarrassingly I do not remember his exact age but suffice to say he was about 13, which is pretty old for a rotty x heeler. On this day 2 weeks ago i was giving him his last belly rub, that was the last time I saw him. Darren saw him later that day when as always he followed Darren around while he fed the chooks, Monday morning he was nowhere to be found.
I suppose I will never know what happened, people have said maybe he went away to die as dogs sometimes do and since we have 17 acres we can't find him. All I know is he is gone and no amount of crying will bring him back. The pounds have been searched, lost/found adds scoured and the roads in the area have been driven and walked many a time in these last 2 weeks
I/we miss him terribly, not a day has passed that I don't think of him, whether its the left over food scraps, or a shadow I catch a glimpse of by the front door in his favourite spot that reminds me.
So today I have decided to remember him with a smile instead of a tear when I think of him and hope that he is happy/peaceful wherever he may be

We Miss You Bull

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Lost - thats a little how I'm feeling right now.I'm not sure about anything at the moment.I knew exactly what I wanted and what my goals were and now a little curve ball has been thrown and I'm not sure what to do. Is it possible to have it all? Can I juggle my family, work, study, craft/ hobbies for me? I don't know - my inner voice says " sure, you can do anything you put your mind too " but my other voice says " yes you can, but will you do any of it well?" and that is the problem, I want to be good at everything I do mmmm - much more thinking to be done I think!!!
Now some pics just for fun - this is a self portrait shot from Delaney - isn't she clever, I think I've said it before but she takes great photos, much better than me - really!
A happy shot of my littlest man, he has been unwell this week with a nasty case of conjunctivitis but as always is happy and smiling

Here is my garden harvest, some very odd shaped baby carrots, along with some baby beets.

And and awesome giant egg - these three are all regular chicken eggs - the middle one weighs an amazing 102g - poor chicken!!!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Crafty Weekend

As some of you can probably tell there has been a distinct lack of craftiness around here lately. Partly due to the hours I work at this new job seem to leave very little time for any crafty pursuits, also the location of my sewing machines is not good ( read a cold dark corner of the garage) and most importantly my complete loss of sewing mojo - well in an effort to bring back the mojo - I moved machines to the kitchen table and got to it.
First up is a bunch of headbands I have been working on for ages, tweaking the design and so forth, still not 100% happy but I'll get there

next up a side snapping nappy for my little peace lovin' hippy LOL ( back view above, front view below). This has been sitting half done on my sewing pile forever, I think I have lost the addiction phase of my cloth nappy love, while I still love cloth and that will never change, I have moved on from the must have this, that or the other brand just for the sake of it - I have truly beautiful nappies from some amazing talented ladies in my stash and in all honesty more than we really need, so not only have I stopped buying them * shock, horror* but I have also stopped making them. Must be time for another baby LOL

Also on my to do list forever was to make myself a new bag - well here she is, a little understated perhaps but she'll do, roomy and practical and of course some green in there too - what more could you want :)

And below another long awaited project - new tea towels - these were the cheapest ones we could find - can you believe the price of something to dry your dishes with? Well they were just plain white towelling but I decided to spruce them up a little - as you do. 2 are tie dyed and 2 are embroidered - not bad huh?

It helped that I had a 4 day weekend that enabled me to actually get some craft done. I could get used to this 4 day weekend business - hopefully sooner rather than later thats what I will be doing - can't wait!!!!!!
Cheers :)