Monday, June 14, 2010

A Crafty Weekend

As some of you can probably tell there has been a distinct lack of craftiness around here lately. Partly due to the hours I work at this new job seem to leave very little time for any crafty pursuits, also the location of my sewing machines is not good ( read a cold dark corner of the garage) and most importantly my complete loss of sewing mojo - well in an effort to bring back the mojo - I moved machines to the kitchen table and got to it.
First up is a bunch of headbands I have been working on for ages, tweaking the design and so forth, still not 100% happy but I'll get there

next up a side snapping nappy for my little peace lovin' hippy LOL ( back view above, front view below). This has been sitting half done on my sewing pile forever, I think I have lost the addiction phase of my cloth nappy love, while I still love cloth and that will never change, I have moved on from the must have this, that or the other brand just for the sake of it - I have truly beautiful nappies from some amazing talented ladies in my stash and in all honesty more than we really need, so not only have I stopped buying them * shock, horror* but I have also stopped making them. Must be time for another baby LOL

Also on my to do list forever was to make myself a new bag - well here she is, a little understated perhaps but she'll do, roomy and practical and of course some green in there too - what more could you want :)

And below another long awaited project - new tea towels - these were the cheapest ones we could find - can you believe the price of something to dry your dishes with? Well they were just plain white towelling but I decided to spruce them up a little - as you do. 2 are tie dyed and 2 are embroidered - not bad huh?

It helped that I had a 4 day weekend that enabled me to actually get some craft done. I could get used to this 4 day weekend business - hopefully sooner rather than later thats what I will be doing - can't wait!!!!!!
Cheers :)