Sunday, April 18, 2010

this weeks happenings

first off - some craft. I have rediscovered my love of crochet after being inspired my an awesome blog that i read . I just love her creations and so I broke out my crochet hooks and whipped up this hair clip for flossy and I have also started a granny blanket but I have run out of wool so that project is on hold.

A random photo of Hudson - it is so rare to capture of pic of him smiling. As soon as a camera appears out come the funny faces and coy behaviour but today i caught him - so showing it off was definitely necessary LOL.

Also belated Happy 5th Birthday wishes to my Tanner man. This is his much prized gift - a built by dad billy cart and lovingly painted my Tanner and myself after much deliberation at the Bunnings paint counter over colour choices. It was always going to be green ( his favourite colour - takes after his mother does my boy :D), but the shade of green was quite the dilemma but the little man finally decided on this lime shade, with some red trim and gold wheels of course. Still to be added are some red lightening bolts to complete his aptly named GREEN LIGHTENING.
I am so pleased with our efforts on this, totally handmade with some recycled items as well. There were 2 reasons for this - yes we are a bit skint at the moment but my main reason is twofold - i believe strongly in the value of a handmade with love gift - i know myself i would rather have something lovingly made by someone i care about than a thoughless, mass produced, made in China, throwaway gift. Not saying that all store bought gifts are that but I hope you understand what I am trying to say here :), the other aspect is that I want my children to be satisfied with this type of gift and not be demanding and wanting all the time, ( this is what I want for them - not in anyway am I there yet ). I want them to recognise the value of a good quality handmade gift as in my experience this seems to be lacking in todays world. Anyway I seem to have lost my train of thought so I will shut up now LOL.

And last but not least this is Codycalf. One of our ( well not our but residing here ) new tenants. There are 3 cows - this one, a pregnant black Angus called Dora. Dora also has a male calf here as well but he is unnamed as he is to be killed at a later point. Please no comments on that - it just life I'm afraid, and anyway its not our cow so not our choice. And I for one would rather know just what is in my meat and be confident in its quality and freshness - well that or become a vego - and just quietly thats not going to happen.
Also no photo but it was my mums birthday this week - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!! and I must say we had a lovely lunch out and a visit from some relatives I rarely see from Adelaide - so it was an awesome week - one far too good not to blog about.
so I hope I haven't bored anyone to death with this massive blog post but thats the week that was in our house
Nadine :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

new additions

say hello to the newest family members :).The 2 boys ( the black ones) are purebred Berkshires and their names are Barry and Mr T. The girls are Tamworths/Berkshires and the really red one is Penny but the spotted one is as yet unnamed :(

So any suggestions for this little ones name would be appreciated, they are all around the 8 week old mark and so so cute and already getting used to the crazy lady who comes and talks to them every day LOL.
hmmm - help me with a name please - I need to call her something!!!