Saturday, April 3, 2010

new additions

say hello to the newest family members :).The 2 boys ( the black ones) are purebred Berkshires and their names are Barry and Mr T. The girls are Tamworths/Berkshires and the really red one is Penny but the spotted one is as yet unnamed :(

So any suggestions for this little ones name would be appreciated, they are all around the 8 week old mark and so so cute and already getting used to the crazy lady who comes and talks to them every day LOL.
hmmm - help me with a name please - I need to call her something!!!


Sally said...

Well an obvious thought would be Charlotte... sweet but a bit predictable I suppose.
Rose is nice too (and they can have black spots).

Mad Quilter said...

oh how cute!!! Fern was the little girl. :D I loved the name and even called my daughter Fern ;) I'm hopeless at naming animals the kids all name ours.

nadine said...

thanks girls - she is now named Freckles :)

Clarinda said...

aww cute!