Saturday, December 12, 2009

Handmade Christmas Failure!!!!!!!!

My goal for this year was to have a 100% handmade christmas - well sadly its time to admit defeat. I had been living in denial for quite a while really - it is not going to happen. Maybe i am being unrealistic with my goal of 100% - i will think about this some more when i set my goal for next year. I have made some progress however and i am hopeful that everyone will get something that is handmade. So far all teachers and friends have been 100% made by me so thats something.

this is the one and only handmade thing the kids are getting and i am really disappointed in myself for not trying harder with them but i am finding myself a little lacking in inspiration this year - well theres always next year!!!
and a little extra - i made this little christmas hair clip for Delaney to wear in her hair - quite happy really - not only did I use my much underused embroidery machine but i also learnt a new technique so thats something.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

gifts and graduations

first off - this is the gift for Tanner's much loved kindy teacher - Miss Angela. We all loved Miss Angela and i know Miss Angela loved Tanner just as much as he loved her. Angela is going home to England for Christmas so this was her gift - a hand knitted scarfette (pattern once again from the fabulous tikki ) and a notebook cover. After some devious digging by Darren we discovered her favourite colour was purple - hence the purple gifts :D
Tuesday was Tanners graduation from kindy as he is off to start prep next year :(. Personally i think he is too young but thats a whole other story. He was very proud of himself and I think is very slowly warming to the idea of school.
And this is the graduating class - you can't see Tanner - he is at the back but nevertheless he is in there :D
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Friday, December 4, 2009


i have had this done for a while now but i have been a little bit blog neglectful of late so thought i would try and rectify the situation and post some recent craft action :D
This pattern is called Tropical Lily and you will find it over at and its free!!!!!!
Tikki has some of the best patterns around and are suitable for beginner knitters as well because they are so well written with plenty of instructions.
Delaney actually likes this too which is always an added bonus - she is not always fond of wearing my creations :(

Anyhoo i hope to be back later this weekend with some more things to show
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