Saturday, December 5, 2009

gifts and graduations

first off - this is the gift for Tanner's much loved kindy teacher - Miss Angela. We all loved Miss Angela and i know Miss Angela loved Tanner just as much as he loved her. Angela is going home to England for Christmas so this was her gift - a hand knitted scarfette (pattern once again from the fabulous tikki ) and a notebook cover. After some devious digging by Darren we discovered her favourite colour was purple - hence the purple gifts :D
Tuesday was Tanners graduation from kindy as he is off to start prep next year :(. Personally i think he is too young but thats a whole other story. He was very proud of himself and I think is very slowly warming to the idea of school.
And this is the graduating class - you can't see Tanner - he is at the back but nevertheless he is in there :D
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The Jewelled Path said...

I really feel for Aaron was the same.. he didn't want to go to kindy or school...if i had my time over i would never have sent him, i would have given him an extra year at home... i just think we as mother's do our best and cope with all situations as they appear... :)