Saturday, December 12, 2009

Handmade Christmas Failure!!!!!!!!

My goal for this year was to have a 100% handmade christmas - well sadly its time to admit defeat. I had been living in denial for quite a while really - it is not going to happen. Maybe i am being unrealistic with my goal of 100% - i will think about this some more when i set my goal for next year. I have made some progress however and i am hopeful that everyone will get something that is handmade. So far all teachers and friends have been 100% made by me so thats something.

this is the one and only handmade thing the kids are getting and i am really disappointed in myself for not trying harder with them but i am finding myself a little lacking in inspiration this year - well theres always next year!!!
and a little extra - i made this little christmas hair clip for Delaney to wear in her hair - quite happy really - not only did I use my much underused embroidery machine but i also learnt a new technique so thats something.
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Tam said...

Nadine those pillows are awesome!!!

Sally said...

Pillows are terrific - love 'em!

Sarah said...

The pillows look fabbo! well done!