Sunday, January 3, 2010

New discoveries

firstly these were taken just before Christmas - yes I am waaaay behind in my blogging!!!!!

Macallum has been making a lot of new discoveries lately - he escapes to the backyard at every opportunity - which happens to be a lot because the older children are apparently incapable of shutting a door. He is not however a big fan of the practically dead grass ( although thanks to the recent rain is it lovely and green again) and tries to keep his knees off the aforementioned grass - it is a very amusing sight to see,
He does love to try and catch the chickens too which seems to be hereditary in this family - i feel for the poor chickens and often wonder how we ever get any eggs when they seem to spend their days running from 2 little terrors ( Tanner and Hudson) who like to "pat" them
. The chickens don't seem to be bothered by Macallums attempts at catching them though lol.

I think a new years resolution should be more regular blogging especially with the things i have been making lately - although some are secrets due to being swaps and are not ready to be revealed just yet.
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Sally said...

So adorable... he'll be walking in no time if that grass doesn't stay green!

Tam said...

Wow he is so big! Is that black hen i see? We have to catch up soon!

nadine said...

yes thats her - shes having a ball now she's been accepted by the others. And YES we MUST catch up :D