Wednesday, July 21, 2010

things to remember

some things I need to remind myself of more often

  • open your arms to change, but don't give up your values
  • be gentle with the earth
  • a loving atmosphere in the home, is the foundation for your life
  • silence is sometimes the best answer
  • learn the rules, so you know how to break them properly

I know there are more but these are the ones I was thinking of today - they have struck a chord so thought I'd share.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

feeling blurgh

well today i feel yuck, tired, cranky just plain flat:(. So today I am going to grizzle about a few things, I don't whinge often so be prepared!!!!!
first off I am mad about the Gold Coast birth centre being closed down, well yes it has been reopened for the weekend but well!!!! Birth Rights are a little bug bear for me, I just don't understand why men in suits think they can do this to women time and time again. First they target home births and independant midwifes now apparently its birth centres - this birth centre is in the hospital grounds really - how dangerous can it be - apparently it has been associated with three deaths and yes I totally agree this is tragic, but how many babies have died in the hospital itself? You'd better close all the hospitals down because people die in them all the time!!! Anyway I thought I'd include a little quote which says things quite well I think

"First they came for the unassisted birthers,but I did not speak out, because I do not free-birth.Then they came for those who birth at home with lay midwives,but I would would not speak out, because I would not have a home-birth with a lay midwife.Then they came for those who birthed with Certified Professional Midwives,and I would not speak out, because I would not have a home-birth with a CPM.And then they came for those who birthed in birth centres and with Certified Nurse Midwives,but I would not speak out because I would not have a birth in a birth centre or with a CNM.And then they came for me,and there was no one left to speak for me. "

My number 2 gripe for the day - what is so wrong with the way we do things?, why do we feel like outcasts? Is it wrong to believe it is more important to love our kids than give them everything they want? Am I wrong to believe it is impotant to teach the value of money, how to care for the environment, about where our food comes from and what is in it? Okay so I am not doing the best job in the world, but we are trying and while trying to teach my children these things I also am trying to raise independant, free thinking, questioning little souls. I do not want them growing up to believe everything they read in the paper or is on the tv. I want them to ask why, how and who? I want them to stand up for themselves and their brothers and sisters, to be able to have a fight amongst themselves and be able to work out a solution for themselves. I do not want to be a helicopter parent.

I could go on but clearly some people have really rubbed be up the wrong way this week so I will leave it there today

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A bit of this and that

Lets start with the cute.... of course they are, aren't they. A rare occasion - these 2 playing nicely together, probably because 2 of their 3 other siblings spent a couple of nights at Nans. I always seem to be posting pics about these 2 but with BJ and Tman gone for a couple of days it was amazing how many times I went to say "Beej, how about.... or Tman do you think...." etc . Little lightbulbs moments like this remind me how much I love and miss my kids so much when they are not around and reminds me why we have such a big family. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure it may be a little out of the ordinary but hey it works for us.
And we bought a new car, well not new but new to us. Its a loooong way from new, but its in such good condition and only 43 000 km's on the clock and best of all its a 10 seater so room for a few more in there :)

T o say that Darren loves her would be somewhat of an understatement. She has been dubbed old Bessie.

And last but not least my craft for the last couple of weeks. First off - a Shalom cardigan for me. Its my first ever adult size garment and I love it, I do believe i may be knitting for myself more often

And a handbag and matching purse for a swap. Yes it is the bag style that I seem to make all the time but I did decide it was time for a little makeover and changed the handle as I did think the other style handle let the bag down a bit. I may change the handles more as time goes on but I do quite like this style. The purse I did as a little challenge to myself. I have had the pattern and frame for ages and because the pattern was quite hard to read and understand I had never attempt it, but hey you gotta start somewhere, so it worked out ok, not perfect but not bad if I do say so myself. In fact I think I may have to make one for myself soon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Life

Guess what, guess what...... we have new babies.2 brand spanking new baby chicks, well a week old now but you know :). Aren't they just the cutest things ever, we think so. For those of you that don't know Darren has somewhat of a chicken fetish, he loves them, we have heaps of many different varieties like, silkies, frizzles, buff columbians, polish, feather feet and honestly because I don't love them as much as him that's all I can remember LOL. Anyway Darren has an incubator so not all but a lot of eggs go in there and lo and behold amazing for a couple of amateurs we managed to hatch a couple. We have had a lot of failures too but fingers crossed this is the beginning
the yellow one is a regular garden variety chicken, but the black one well to be honest we are not sure what she is, except that it is a bantam of some description, hopefully time will tell. And we may have baby ducks soon too as we have a clucky duck sitting on some eggs. We have 4 ducks - Donald and his girls - Daisy, Daphne and Delilah. Donald is one happy duck :)

And for a baby (or rather toddler) of a different kind, he is pretty cute too if I do say so but growing much too fast. He is developing such a personality, its fascinating to watch and be a part of, he is so funny and happy, just a joy to be around.

And another artistic photo from the photographer extroidinaire Delaney. She is good, isn't she!

Stay tuned