Monday, April 27, 2009

1 priceless princess

a two purpose post this one - both to show off my beautiful clever little girl and my latest knitting project - a beanie from tikki - can you tell she loves it?
and a little brag Delaney had Princesses and Pirates day at school while learning about the letter P and Delaney being herself does nothing that normal little girls do - decided she would go as Pochahontas the Indian Princess. Needless to say she was the only girl dressed as an indian. She certainly is an individual and we love that!!!!!


The Jewelled Path said...

Nadine she is adorable. I have not seen a pic of her for a long long time. How unique, i love her already and it is because she is your daughter as i do not know her otherwise.

nadine said...

thanks - i am still trying for that famous 5 shot - can't manage to get them all to "perform" at once :)