Saturday, August 29, 2009

Proud Mummy

my 2 school monkeys had their sports day on Thursday and what a great day it was. I had the day off work which was pretty good in itself but aside from that they made me proud my oldest monkeys did.
BJ won his first ever ribbon when he came first in his relay race and then followed that up with a third place in the longest ball toss competition. He was so proud of himself too which made it all worthwhile. He was however a little disappointed that he didn't do better in his individual running race but he came fourth and thats nothing to be sneezed at but I guess he is a typical male and never happy with what he has LOL.
Delaney won her individual running race just like last year and came a very close second in her relay. I hope she sticks with running because she has such a great relaxed style she is a pleasure to watch it seems as though she isn't trying at all.
And just for something different as their house colour is green I thought I would hand dye some white t- shirts. It worked out really well because in a sea of green they stood out and we could always tell where they were because no-one looked quite like them. A great day was had by all!!!
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The Jewelled Path said...

Congratulations Brierly and Delaney, you are winners, great effort.Love to see children enjoying themselves at sport, hope you two had a good day. xx