Sunday, October 25, 2009

the winners are........

okay let me begin by saying a huge thankyou to all those who entered my first ever giveaway but also for all the lovely comments. I t has given me hope that one day i may actually do this and sell something.

Also a little surprise in honour of my particularly crappy day today I have decided to give all 3 sets away.

So 3 separate draws done the old fashioned way - names in a hat with the big girl herself drawing the names out

And here they are -

so we have Lesley with the pink set, blanicju with the purple and Romi Jade with the yellow, so lovely ladies i need you to contact me at nadine.smith71(at) and i will send these little pressies off ASAP

Thanks again to all who participated and don't forget the big boy turns 8 next month so watch out for a boy giveaway coming soon :)


Sarah said...

Well done lovely ladies, this was extremely generous of you Nadine, your daughter is a mega cutie pie :)XO

Shan said...

congrats everyone!!

Lesley said...

Thank you so much Nadine!!! Have sent you an email.

blanicju said...

Oooo thanks so much Nadine. Will brighten DDs day when they arrive, after breaking her arm & dislocating her elbow on the w/e. :-(

Romi Jade said...

omigosh thank you so much Nadine, how gorgeous! :)

I agree with Sarah, your daughter's such a sweetie!