Sunday, October 17, 2010

birthday girl

I really should have posted on Friday because that was Delaney Rose's 8th birthday, but we had a great time and I am only just catching up with this today. As you can see one of her gifts was this guitar and she loves it, she got some amazing gifts and is really growing up. Where has my baby girl gone?, but I really can't complain, she is growing into a beautiful, young girl.
Isn't this just brotherly love at its best? I love this photo.

And I finished another knitting project that has been on the needles far too long. My second pair of socks is finally complete :) . I love love love my homemade socks, they are the best socks I have ever owned. I have cast on another pair of socks but I suspect they will be on the needles a very long time too because after I find out the sex of belly fruit this week there will be some serious baby knitting happening. Still keeping my fingers crossed there will be pink knitting happening - so keep them crossed for me too :)