Monday, October 11, 2010

no news is good news

I seem to be suffering bloggers block or somthing along those lines at the moment. It seems to be a combination of time, motivation and quite frankly nothing to say. I am sure my life is not that boring....okay who am I kidding it is definitely that boring and I guess I don't need to inflict that boredom on everyone else by writing about it :)

Finally I have made something for the belly fruit - a little colourful blanket, a little smaller than I would have hoped but I had no other ideas for this wool.
and speaking of the bellyfruit - here is another action shot, not too much different from the 13 week shot. We are now at 18 weeks and doing well. Ultrasound next week will hopefully tell us if it is a boy or girl belly fruit so we are madly trying to come up with a boys name just in case, girls name is sorted but we are really struggling with a boys name.

will endeavour to be back more frequently, in the mean time stay dry and bring on the spring weather. I am very much over the rain....