Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shampoo free and loving it

In keeping with our desire to live a more natural, simple life we have stopped using shampoo and conditioner. No it is not unhygenic or dirty as I have been told - we still wash our hair, I just don't use a chemical cocktail to do it.

Have you ever read the ingredients in your bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Do you even know what those things are or what they do? I am not prepared to put those things onto my head, sorry but I am not one who believes that just because it is on the supermarket shelf then it must be safe. I believe that I am protecting my families health by not allowing these chemicals to be absorbed through the skin and into our bodies. I believe what is too toxic to put in your mouth is too toxic to put on your skin as well.

So I can hear you asking - what do we do with our hair? - Well I'm glad you asked - we use what is known as the no poo method.
Almost 12 months ago I decided to take the plunge after reading a lot about it I figured what did I have to lose ( except another expensive item off my shopping list lol). Basically we wash in a mix of bi-carb and water and rinse in apple cider vinegar. After an inital adjustment period my hair has never been better, no more dandruff and healthy, strong hair.

I know what you are thinking - oh no I couldn't do that my hair would be a big oily mess yada yada yada. Well let me tell you this- your hair's natural oils work on a supply and demand system - the more you strip the oils away with shampoo, the more demand you create and so the body produces more oils. When you stop using the products there is an adjustment period while your body regulates itself again. For me that period was about 4 weeks.

Admittedly its not easy for everyone to get through the adjustment period. My hair was long then so I put it up everyday and tried to hide it a bit for work, but it really didn't bother me too much but I do understand this may be offputting for some.

Another upside is that I am not purchasing more plastic and so doing one more little bit for the environment.

All I can say if you are interested Google is your friend - you will find heaps of info on the internet to help you decide if this is for you or not. I love the fact that I have found a frugal, easy, toxic free way to care for our hair

what do you have to lose...........


Kristie said...

Save me trawling the net and post a quick recipe :)