Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

 Some of you may know about my pledge for 2011, to do at least 12 (one per month) RAOK for the year. I had gotten off to a slow start with I think 2 for the year to date, this month I have bumped it up to 4, but let me tell you I am going to far exceed my 12 goal - let me tell you why...... I have discovered TheToySociety their aim is to create a "something for nothing " experience. Basically you handmake a toy of any description and leave it somewhere for someone else to find and keep. I did my first toy drop this morning and OMG I am hooked. The elephant above is what was left, what do you think? Would you like to find something like this? This will be the first of many.

I want to give a big big thankyou as well to Nic from!/sraokfor giving me the insipration and push to do something more, to put some of the ideas whirling around in my head into action. I can't put into words how you have made me feel and hopefully what you have set into motion.
I have finally been doing some craft, I haven't gotten photos of everything yet - but here is a taste - Sawyers blanket. Some of you may know that when Macallum was born I threw together a stray piece of minky and fleece in pale blue that for some reason of another Mac cannot live without. Now while it is lovely that he adores it so much, being pale blue makes it forever filthy, and trying to get it away from him for long enough to wash it is lets just say not easy. So this time around we went with a much more dirt friendly colour. The back is a road pattern so he can even play cars on it when he is older. I hope he loves it half as much as Mac loves his.

Next post will have more creations I promise



Finney! said...

Oh lady! Your so welcome!! post a photo on the SRAoK page too! Would love to see who finds it! xxx