Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

 Happy Mothers day one and all, hope it was good to you. I had a very nice day and a lovely lunch with family. I am kicking myself I forgot to take a photo of mum's present but it is the same as the above which is for the MIL except different fabric. I am very pleased with how they turned out.
 I did promise more craft in the last post - well here it is - softie heaven or possibly hell lol. Don't ask me why I have made soooo many - some will be toy drops but hmmmm the others, not sure I am just pleased I have my mojo back. I think maybe in the back of my mind I have been toying haha with the idea of a market stall. Something always holds me back though - let me tell you self doubt sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
These were my little test for myself - underwear. I have never worked with knit fabric before but this pattern was so cute I had to give it a go. Okay so they are riddled with mistakes but it really wasn't as bad as I expected and kinda has me itching for some more projects in knit fabric. Pattern can be found here for those interested. They most certainly have the seal of approval from Hudson who still hasn't stopped wearing them (yes I have washed them).

Anyway I am off to make some hair accessories for the make believe market stall.



Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Well I'm glad you got to wash them! Happy Mother's Day :D I think you need to just jump in the deep end and have a go at the markets.. you know you'll never know if it's something you like until you've tried