Sunday, July 12, 2009


Brierley was selected to represent his school playing Auskick at a recent AFL game. Last Saturday night the Richmond Tigers ( Darrens team ) played the Adelaide Crows ( my team ) at the Gold Coast Stadium and BJ did his thing at half time. He was quite scared before he left but by the time he got home he was bouncing off the walls - he had the best time. The only down side was that only him and Darren went - they had told us that only the player and one parent could sit together and I wasn't sure I could handle the other 4 on my own so BJ and dad had a boys night out. And the traitor to his mother has decided that he will follow Richmond like his dad - but I got the last laugh - Adelaide won :)

Here is another pic of the famous 5 but as you can see yet again they refuse to all look at the camera at once LOL. I will keep trying for something better.


The Jewelled Path said...

Good on you Brierly, i bet you had a great time with Dad. Love your "smile". thanks for the photo of your "famous five" they are beautiful. x