Sunday, July 12, 2009

tooth fairy

Well the tooth fairy paid a visit this week to my oldest monkey Brierley. Not the first visit but this top tooth is so much more obvious than the bottom tooth he has lost in the past. The tooth fairy left $2 which i thought was pretty generous and certainly a lot more than I got in my day ( how old do I sound lol ) but apparently according to some people I know we have a very stingy tooth fairy ha ha . My big boy is growing up :(

And the much anticipated all together monkey photo. First thing I would like to say is yes my kids need hair cuts lol well except the youngest 2 that is - Hudson is 2 in a couple of weeks and this is all the hair he has still - really isn't it time he grew hair :)
not the greatest photo but getting them all to look and smile is practically impossible - and I just noticed I put in the same pic twice instead of two different ones - lets see if I can fix it . Nope we are stuck like that for now - oh well you get the idea.
No sewing or knitting pics again but i will have some very soon I promise I have been doing things but they are either unfinished or no photos taken yet


Clarinda said...

Congrats to B for his 1st lost tooth!

Your kids are adorable Nadine

The Jewelled Path said...

The photos are just great. I love the eyes on Macallum, he is staring just like my Manda's Michael, he has huge eyes, i must send you a pic. x