Tuesday, July 28, 2009

more finished items and another fairy visit

I got another pair of pj's finished this week - amazing how much quicker the 3rd pair are to do than the 1st. These are Hudson's obviously so last but not least is Brierley ( Mac wears woolies over his big cloth nappy bum so not doing any for him ). I will endeavor to do BJ's this weekend

these fingerless gloves are called fetchings and while if you asked me a while ago if I would be caught dead in fingerless gloves the answer would have been a resounding NO but don't get me started on why I need these AT WORK!!!!!! no I do not work out doors in an office if you please and it is so cold this is what I have resorted to.

I taught myself to use double pointed needles to do these so watch out learning to do socks is next. Oh and this is more of my own dyed wool too and yes it is green but it works for me right now :)

The tooth fairy has paid us another visit - never one to be left out little miss Delaney played with her oh so slightly loose tooth until it came out too just like her brothers

and just to round off a random shot of 2 of the monkeys - cute hey !!
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The Jewelled Path said...

Great photos Nadine. You certainly have been a very busy mother. Love your home made wares, you should be proud of yourself