Monday, July 13, 2009

A little something I like to call - Inspired by Lesley

Firstly excuse the crappy photos but I'm feeling too lazy to edit atm.
Now I'm quite sure all the cloth nappy people know exactly who I am talking about when I say Lesley inspired this out fit. For the non clothies out there Lesley from Cherub's Kiss makes the most awesome nappies and I have wanted one for a very long time. They are a much sought after item and hard to get so i was very lucky to score one of her very special munch and crunch auriels.
I had some very hungry caterpiller fabric lying around and when I got this super fab nappy I knew I wanted to make something with it - so here it is - The nappy is Lesley's of course and I made a pair of pants and an applique top to go with it. Not bad for a beginner I think. They are for Hudson's birthday in a couple of weeks:).


Clarinda said...

ooh! They look great!!! was the applique hard? what pattern did you use for the pants?

Hayley said...

Awesome Nadine....very well done :D

nadine said...

I used a pattern called britches and bloomers that I got off ebay a while ago. Its really very simple but still being a begiiner I still need patterns to guide me :) and thankyou your comments are so nice

Jojo said...

They look fantastic!!! Well done :)

The Jewelled Path said...

You are a very clever little miss! Well done.:)
Andrea had her baby this morning at 3.40am. She had a boy and named him Sebastian Paul, he was 10lb 1oz. She is back in hospital though as she haemorrhaged, should be home by tomorrow afternoon. x Sue