Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baking Day

Today was baking day. We made 4 loaves of bread, dough for a cheesy bread thing to have with dinner, a cinnamon tea cake that we have been making A LOT lately - its very simple and very yummy and we also made my favourite easy biscuits - the Very Versatile biscuit. Now I'm sure most people know the recipe but for those that don't here it is -
The Very Versatile Biscuit
500g butter or marg
tin condensed milk
1 cup sugar
5 cups SR flour
mix butter and flour together until smooth, stir in sugar and flour and mix well.
Roll into balls , flatten slightly, place on trays and bake in a moderate oven for 12-15min.
I had various extras too - choc chips, cornflakes, sultanas - the list is endless, just use your imagination
Enjoy :)


The Jewelled Path said...

I must try the biscuit recipe it looks great, will let you know. The baker has certainly been very busy they all look too good, i can still taste the yummy fruit loaf.

The Jewelled Path said...

I actually should have worded that last comment differently as i could imagine Darren thinking i had suffered from some indigestion or whatever!! It was very tasty. x

nadine said...

lol glad you liked it and be warned the recipe makes lots of biscuits but you can freeze the dough xox