Monday, May 4, 2009

R.I.P Nan

my Nan passed away last night after battling various illness' for many years.

i am having very mixed emotions. Of course i am very sad but I also know it was for the best in many ways, she had had no quality of life for a long time.

I think I am feeling awful too because i had not made the time to visit. I have not been back to Adelaide since I left about 16 years ago. In recent years she would not have known whether I was there or not anyway but still.
I wanted to remember her the way she was not as a frail old woman with severe dementia - is that awful?

Fly Free Nan


The Jewelled Path said...

Nadine, i am very sorry to hear about your Nan. I remember you talking to me about her and how you hadn't seen her for a long time. Whatever you decided is how it is. Please do not beat yourself up about your decision. No one can give you advise or change what is. We all have to live with our decisions daily,whether they are right or wrong is debatable. May God be with you and your Mum at this sad time. with love Sue x

nadine said...

thanks Sue - i am going down for the funeral with Macallum and going to be a pall bearer. I made the decisions i thought best at the time and you are right i can't change it now. I think i have learnt a valuable lesson though.

The Jewelled Path said...

Hope your trip is a pleasant one and i hope you can spend some quality time with your Mum. All Mums need time alone with their children especially their daughters. Thinking of you both. Does Darren need any extra help while you are away?

nadine said...

thanks again Sue. You know what Darrens like - he won't accept help but anyway he'll be fine - its only 2 days. Thanks so much for the offer.