Wednesday, May 6, 2009

more knitting and a wool delivery

here is my latest knitting a dress from tikki. Its a fantastic pattern and great for a beginner. As i don't have a baby girl I'm not sure what to do with it - maybe a blog giveaway when i get back from Adelaide - i'll think about it.

And the wool is a lovely postie delivery - the dark purples are for some longies for Hudson but i'm still undecided about the rest?


Tam said...

Um excuse me super do you find the time to knit, sew and raise all those kids?? are amazing...(oh and cool blog background)

That dress is cool...

nadine said...

ummm - not getting any sewing done sadly and the knitting gets done thanks to he who will only be held by mum LOL - i'm glad i learnt just in time