Monday, May 25, 2009

Latest knitting and a smiley monkey

I've been a little quiet lately - don't be offended I have a lot on my mind.

I am trying to hatch a little plan but its all still in top secret mode - but please keep your fingers crossed it all works out to plan.

PIF recipients will be pleased to know i've made a start and if you are reading this can you email me your details otherwise i will PM you at Nappycino

anyway back to the point - here are my latest accomplishments

some longies for Huddy which i think have turned out the best so far and also some pics of my beautiful smiley man

Sorry the pics are all over the shop but I'm too lazy to fix it tonight


The Jewelled Path said...

And what may i ask is the little secret plan you are trying to hatch!! I am guessing and i will probably have to wait and see?

The Jewelled Path said...

Love the longies and great pics of smiley, how fast he is growing. Beautiful baby.