Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

happy mothers day to all the mums out there

hope you all have a great day and are treated like princesses.

i flew in from Adelaide late last night so i am just spending the day enjoying my beautiful family and thankyou to my darling husband for a lovely lunch. I love you hun.

Nans service and burial was simple and elegant, mum and Uncle Ray did a really good job organising everything.
I reunited with some of my cousins who i hadn't seen in 16 years - OMG - i remember them as little kids and now they are all grown up - what a shock!!!!!!!!!

i am making a promise to myself and my family to not leave it so long. We have precious little family as it is and life it too short. My husband and family have never met most of my relos and thats sad!


The Jewelled Path said...

Happy Mother's Day Nadine. I am so glad to hear that all went well at Nan's funeral. I am pleased you had a nice day. I only wish that i still had a Mum to visit or talk to on mothers day.

nadine said...

hope you had a good day Sue xxx